Many people who travel to Cyprus head towards the south coast where you will find some of the best beaches and attractions on the island. The southern coast is best visited during mid-June or autumn as when you are in the middle of the island’s summer, you will only feel comfortable either in the sea or deep in the mountainside due to the extreme temperatures.

Cyprus has come a long way as a tourist destination since the millennium and you will find no shortage of brilliant accommodation and fine dining locations while you are on holiday. Here is a guide to the island for those who are going on holiday to Cyprus.

Ancient Kourion

A popular destination for cruise ship patrons who are touring the island, ancient Kourion is situated atop a mountain that overlooks the sea, 11 miles west of Limassol. In the year 365 AD, an earthquake leveled the city and much of the recent excavation and restoration work has been done on the ground level.

The presence of wooden catwalks and enormous plastic roofed structures are sadly a necessity for the wonderful sight, as they allow you some unobstructed views of the various inscriptions, sculptures of gladiators in combat, Achilles disguised as a girl to avoid the Trojan War, and various geometric patterns.

Winery Tours

Limassol is home to three enormous wineries close by to the old fishing port in the city. KEO, ETKO & LOEL offer you a popular and convenient venue to explore on tours while you sample some of the better-known names. However, for something slightly more refined and a lot less regimented, head up to the foothills of Krassohoria, which when translated to English means wine villages, which each have at least one microbrewery.

While some of the areas have been bought by the three bigger names in the city, many vineries remain independent and you can visit their wineries through prior arrangement. Some of the more notable and worthwhile trips include Domaine Vlassides, Vasa Winery, and Domine Nicolaides.

Troodos Mountains

Rising to a height of almost 2000 meters, the Troodos Mountains are home to numerous frescoed Byzantine churches, which at first glance appear to be nothing special, inside however is quite a different matter. The churches all have different visiting hours and most of them are easily accessible from Nicosia, although three of the churches are easier to get to from Limassol.

The Diminutive Agios Mamas is one example of one you can expect to see inside, with cartoon-like panels depicting the story of Christ that dates back to 1495. In the nearby Stavros church, you will find a similar style but the story is of the Virgin Mary’s life instead which was painted in the 1300s.

Shakespeare Performance

While you may not expect Cyprus to be the place for you to see a Shakespeare story, if you travel to Cyprus towards the end of June you will be in luck. Taking place over several days, the Kourion amphitheater does an annual performance of a random Shakespeare play with locally-based actors starring.