One of the things you sacrifice when on a holiday is a good and healthy diet. Being far from home and routine is a temptation no one can resist, eating too much, throwing proper caution away and doing more than what he/she is supposed to.

A long car trip or flight may mean sitting too long on your seat, but that should not let you give in to the temptation. There are many of your unhealthy cravings that can be satisfied by refreshing, cool water. Also, staying hydrated can help you eat lesser and make you feel energized and full.

There are a lot of fast food restaurants and restaurants serving huge food portions, you can meet along the road while on a holiday. Sure, maximizing your experience by trying out different food is a good idea, but you need to know that this experience must come with limitations.

Sticking with your regular eating habits and routines even while on a vacation is a good idea. If you have not eaten for so long while on the road, you might end up stopping over to any restaurant you pass by. And this is when the temptation starts to kick in, and for sure, you cannot resist it even how unhealthy the food they serve, because you are already hungry.

Stick with the rule of the thumb, and that is eating every two to three hours. But, it should not be full meal all the time, nuts or yogurt of small portions should be good enough.

As your first step, make sure you are prepared, so spoiling in a healthy diet even while you are on the go is possible.

Below are great travel food plans to make your trip nutritious and healthy.

While on the road

  • Car

Everyone is excited to reach their destination, but that would not stop their appetite to look for food. A supply of junk food is indeed a bad idea, packing easy meals and few snacks are the best. Coolers and airtight containers can keep food fresh, making it enjoyable to munch while inside the car. Some of the foods you can eat while in the car are:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Hummus and baby carrots or celery
  • Yogurt
  • Sandwiches
  • Whole fruit


On the plane

Mostly, airlines do not serve their passengers with healthy food hence you have to plan ahead of time. Call the airline and ask if they offer special meals, vegetarian and kosher are a few of the most liked by nutrition eaters.

Instead of buying junk food and expensive food on board, you can definitely save money and time by being ready. A liter of pure water and protein sources food can help you avoid fatigue and dehydration, and overeating and excessive hunger later.

You can prepare same food as noted above on car trips.

While on the hotel

Before you even book a stay in a hotel, make sure that there are supermarkets near the hotel. Actually, there are available supermarkets to any places you go, but there is definitely no harm checking out on Google.

It is also recommended that you request for a microwave and refrigerator in your hotel room to ensure everything you purchase stays good for a long time. keep your refrigerator full of healthy food so when you get hungry at night, you do not need to go out and buy unhealthy food.

Foods to keep in your hotel room refrigerator are:

  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Whole grain bread and/or cereal
  • Pre cut vegetables (bell peppers, carrots, celery, cucumber)

Along the shore

If your vacation includes long drive, long hike and a day enjoying the beach, it is highly recommended that you load your diet with lean protein. Eating balanced diet is a must, but not being able to consume enough protein can make you feel worn out and too tired before night time.

Enjoy dose of lean and high quality protein like tofu and eggs, and some veggies too. Some of the foods to enjoy are:

  • Sushi
  • Whole grain bread or crackers
  • Poached eggs
  • Green wraps


Depending on your accommodation, you may or may not have a kitchen to use. A lot of Airbnbs and vacation rentals can offer you kitchen amenities like the ones you have at home. They are most of the time the cheaper choice than a hotel. This means that you can buy and prepare your food, hence giving you the chance to save money and let you eat healthier options.

There are a lot of great food you can cook on your own, and buying them is not a problem if you were able to get an accommodation near a supermarket. If you do not have prepared a menu as of yet, below are good food you can enjoy dining while on a holiday:

  • Egg salad
  • Tofu
  • Wholegrain pasta
  • Brown rice
  • Steamed vegetables

Do not use vacation as an excuse to live an unhealthy life. It may only be for a few days, but getting rid of your healthy routine even just for a while can give you a hard time getting back on track.

There are many good holiday tips you can consider. Sites, like TJ, provide their visitors with not only travel guides but ideas on how to make the most out of their holiday. Visiting such sites can help you a lot getting a holiday worth spending.