Did you know that there is something like free netflix on Netflix platform? That and more is what you are going to learn. With internet streaming taking the world by storm as far as TV viewing is concerned, more people are cutting the cord and letting off their Blu-ray discs, and DVD to collect dust. There are very few producers, if any, who still record shows on DVD and VHS.

When you start thinking about streaming TV movies and shows, the first thing that might come to mind is Netflix and this could be due to good reasons as it is by now, the dominant source of TV streaming for movies and shows.

What is Netflix?

Netflix hit the market in 1997 as a company which pioneered the concept of renting DVDs through the mail with the concept of a flat monthly rate fee, instead of charging for each of the DVD that is ordered. This was seen as next to free netflix, resulting in the ultimate death of video rental store culture death and by 2005, there were about 4.2 million subscriber base DVD rental by mail for Netflix.

In 2007, there was a bold announcement by Netflix where they introduced the first Blu-ray disc player which was able to connect to the internet for streaming content provided by Netflix. Internet streaming and Blu-ray Disc playback in one package were convenient, at the same time a way to get the fun of Blu-ray and DVD to an alternative streaming option.

Within no time, Netflix was available on Xbox, TVs, Apple devices. Nowadays, you can watch free netflix on a number of smartphone devices.

The Way Netflix works

Netflix gives 30 days free netflix trial period on a number of devices which include Blu-ray disc players, smart TVs, media streamers, smartphones, game consoles, and tablets. It is a subscription-based service which requires that you pay a monthly fee in order to access it. As of 2019, its structure is as follows:

  • Basic: If you are a new subscriber who only wants to have SD resolution access only, then you will pay this package of $8.99 per month and it is limited to one device only.
  • Standard: You will be able to enjoy one month free netflix trial using up to 1080 pixel resolution and you will be able to view it to a maximum of 2 devices at any given time.
  • Premium: This is the highest package on Netflix where you will be able to view up to 4K UHD resolution and with 4 devices viewing at the same time. The first month you will be able to enjoy all these on a free netflix.

Once you are able to access Netflix services, there is an on-screen menu which will appear on your TV screen which will allow you to navigate through the various TV movies and shows through clicking on an icon or search tool. Depending on which device you are using, the appearance of the on-screen menu will tend to vary slightly.

What you will watch on Netflix

On Netflix, you will be exposed to several TV programs and other movie titles and several subtractions and additions are made each month. Here are some of the shows which you might view on Netflix.

  • ABS TV Shows: Once upon a time, marvel’s agents of shield, lost
  • CBS Shows Hawaii Five-O classic series, how I met your mother, Hawaii five-o current series, the original series, star trek, mash.
  • Fox TV shows: Bones, bob’s burger, new girl, fringe, X-files
  • NBC TV shows: Heroes, 30 rock, parks and recreation, cheers, the blacklist, quantum leap, the good place
  • WB TV Shows: The flash, the arrow, supergirl, supernatural
  • AMS TV shows: Comic book men, breaking bad, walking dead, madmen
  • Other TV Shows: Sons of anarchy, Sherlock, star trek, star wars, the next generation, the clone wars.
  • Netflix Original Shows Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the queen, hemlock grove, mind hunters, the defenders, house of cards, on my block, the order.
  • Movies: Marvels the avengers, Hugo, star trek into darkness, the wolf of the street, the hunger games – catching fire, the highwayman, twilight,

Netflix Hidden Genre

Something you should know as you sign for free netflix after paying for the first month, it has an extensive hidden genre category list system. At the movies, the TV categories section menu, the display begins to show as per what your type of genre preferences are. It has a tendency to box you in limited choices and you might end up having to use the search tool to find what you want.

Using your PC, you can be able to access a variety of additional categories directly by just typing a special URL code in your browser bar which can take additional niche categories from movies for young adults to movies for adults and many more.

Netflix as a device for streaming

You have to remember that, Netflix is a streaming device. That means that, when you press the icon which is associated with the movie or program which you want to watch, it starts playing immediately. You have an option of pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding it or decide to finish it at a later time or day. Netflix keeps track of what you are watching, what you viewed and will even provide you with a list of suggestions which are based on what you viewed earlier.