To be in charge of an ambulance service, you feel like a lot is weighing on your shoulders since you have to transport the wounded and injured as fast as they can to the hospital before it is too late. Drivers, as well as workers, have to go through several hours of work time with little to no reward.

If you are someone who’s looking to get into paramedics, this article will help you make a decision as to what you would like to do.

1.      Call Handlers

The main job of the call handler is to attend emergency calls and figure out where they need assistance. The handler will also have to collect information regarding the caller’s condition, who is injured and how.

After the necessary information is collected, it is then passed on to the medical dispatcher who will have to determine what the best way to approach the situation is.

Some call handlers who are experienced will walk the person who is calling through crucial procedures such as clearing the windpipe obstruction.

2.      Patient Transport Service (PTS)

Patient Transport Service helps patients as well as the elderly to make it to or fro from the hospital. This service requires drivers as well as assistants since some patients might need care along the way. The PTS is different from an ambulance service since the former is only used by people that require non-urgent treatment or care.

In order to be a PTS driver, you’ll need exceptional driving skills, the knowledge and expertise to read maps and also an understanding of the local area. The driver should also be physically fit since they’ll have to, at times, carry or even lift the patient.

3.      Paramedics


Paramedics act as the bridge between immediate care and diagnosis of the condition. They are usually the first ones to be present at a medical scene, and if the patient requires help right then and then, paramedics have the responsibility to administer care as well as the type of care.

The life of a paramedic is extremely strenuous since they have to deal with cases that range from minor wounds to near-death.

In order to get a job as a paramedic, the person must be registered to the Health and Care Professions Council which will require you to go through a qualification process. After the qualification process, the paramedic will be placed with an ambulance service.