It was the middle of a boring, quiet midweek nightshift and one of our crews requested a service run to a nearby 24 hour garage. (A service run is when an ambulance leaves its normal area to run an errand of some variety. They are still available for calls.)

“No wonder they want to go to that one,” I remarked. “It’s got a Marks and Spencer’s Simply Food! I bet they’re after Percy Pigs.”

“I want some Percy Pigs!” said the radio op.

“So do I!” I said, rubbing my empty stomach.


“G602, your request for a run to the fuel station is granted,” said the radio op. “But only if you pick us up some Percy Pigs while you’re there. Over.”

We all giggled at her joke, mainly the fact she’d said “Percy Pigs” over the air.

A bit later on in the night, the same crew requested a service run to headquarters to “drop off some important admin”. We agreed – it wasn’t busy and we had plenty of cover in our sector.

“What important admin can an East Central crew possibly want to do at Waterloo at 4 o’clock in the morning?!” grumbled Management.


Fifteen minutes later, the crew marched into the control room and placed two huge bags of Percy Pigs on our desk! We couldn’t believe it! We’d only been joking and they had actually bought us the sweets and driven halfway across London to deliver them! I love ambulance crews sometimes!

Five minutes after they arrived, before we’d even had a chance to thank them (or share the Pigs with them), the South East desk received a call to a cardiac arrest just down the road from Control. Fortunately, G602’s Pig Run had put them in just the right place to reach the call quickly, and off they went. The patient was blued into hospital, and if he lives, it’ll be entirely down to those Percy Pigs.